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Beko 1KW Burner Cap 419920278 *THIS IS A GENUINE BEKO SPARE*

Beko 1KW Burner Cap 419920278 *THIS IS A GENUINE BEKO SPARE*
1KW Burner Cap
Part No:- 419920278
To fit Brands:- Beko
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REF:-338 PG:-6
Updated:- June 2014

Model Fit List

SG572W, DG581W, DG582W, DVG593W, BA51NEKP, BA51NESP, BA51NEWP, BA52LEW BA52NEK BA52NES BA52NEW, BC51LEWP, BC51NEWP, BDG582K, BDG582LW, BDG582S, BDG582W, BDG584W, BDG682WP, BDG683SP, BDG683WP, BDG684SP, BDG684WP, BDG685WP, BDGC680W, BDVF696KP, BDVF696XP, BDVG592S, BDVG592W, BDVG693WP, BDVG694KP, BDVG694SP, BDVG694WP, BDVG695X, BDVG697KP, BDVG697SP, BDVG697WP, BSG580S, BSG580W, CG61113DS, COOK56TFW, COOK58TGS, COOK68TGK, COOK69DFK, COOK69DGK, DCG61SP, DG581LWP, DG581NWP, DG581S, DG581W, DG5822X, DG5822XP, DG582LWP, DG582S, DG582SP, DG582W, DG582WP, DG582X, DG584S, DG584W, DG584WP, DG584X, DG682WP, DVG5922X, DVG592SP, DVG592WP, DVG593S, DVG593W, DVG593WP, DVG593X, DVG595S, DVG595W, DVG595X, DVG692SP, DVG692XP, DVG695S, DVG695SP, DVG695W, DVG695WP, DVG695X, HIZG64120B, HIZG64120SB, HIZG64120SW, HIZG64120SX, HIZG64120W, HIZG64120X, HIZG64121SB, OSF21133SX, OSF22130SX, OSF22130SX, OSF22135SX, QSF213SX SG562LWP, SG572LWP, SG572S, SG572W, SG572WP, SG572X,

Beko 1KW Burner Cap *INCLUDING P&P*
Beko 1KW Burner Cap *INCLUDING P&P*
Part # 419920278


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