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Glass plate for microwave 245MM With 3 pips

Glass plate for microwave 245MM With 3 pips

Glass plate for microwave 245mm diameter 

With "clover leaf bottom"


To fit all brands but including:


Swan, Tesco, Cookworks, Russell Hobbs,

Pacific, JMB, Panasonic, Alba, Delta.Sharp

Model Fit List

245MM WITH CLOVER FIT MANY MODELS INCLUDING: RHM1702, RHM1704, RHM1705, RHM1706, RHM1709, RHM2001, RHM2002, RHM2008, SM2040, SM2045, SM2050, SM2055, RHM2005, RHM2004, RHM2007, RHM2013, EMX750SS, TESCO MT05, MT08, SWAN SM2050, SM2055, JMM2010, SM2060, SM2090, PACIFIC, PMW2, RHM2000, SM2040W, SM2040S, COOKWORKS MM717,TESCO MM08,MMBS14,R220WM, R222STM, R272, R272M, R272WM, R272SLM, R272KM, R274KM, R274SLM, R274WM, R622STM, R662SLM, R662WM, R662KM, R664KM, R664SLM, R664WM,Sharp YC-MG02U-S,Sharp YCMG02US,Sharp,YCMG02US.YC-MG02,MG02U-S,russell hobbs 17lt 20 lt microwave plate 245MM WITH CLOVER RHM1702 RHM1704, RHM1705 RHM1706, RHM1709 ,RHM2001, RHM2002, RHM2008 ,SM2040, SM2045,SM2050, SM2055 ,RHM2005, RHM2004, RHM2007, RHM2010 RHM2017 P80D20EKL-A5H RHM1712 EMX750SS ,TESCO, MT05, MT08, SWAN, SM2050, SM2055, JMM2010 ,SM2060, MMBS14 MGP2016 ,PACIFIC PMW2 ,RHM2000 SM2040W SM2040S,SM2050,SM2055,SM2060.also SM2010,2050,2055,2060,COOKWORKS , MM717, MT1710 , MMSB1710 TESCO ,MM08,GOODMANS PE20S,Three triangular segments in the middle of the plate...No feet around the perimeter. MWP50,LG MH6347,BREVILLE,VMW187, logic L21C510 TRICITY TMTSS2011 TMSS1710 ,MG2011,MMSB1710, SM21020 HINARI MX315SL USE SAMSUNG :DE74-00027A CE2738NR, DE6612, GW71C, GW73CS, GW73ESB, GW73EWB, M1630N, M1630NK, M1713N, M1733N, MW610WA, MW620BA, MW620DA, MW620WA, MW630WA, MW640BA, MW640WA, MW650BA, MW650WA, MW71E, MW73C, MW73E, MW8627W, UMC1071AAB, UMC1071AAW, WW600 cookworks E7017P TFNT2012 MC2011, SM3010, DELTA D10940, SM22030, MMB14,RHBM2003MB,DE74-00027A , Sharp YC-MG02U-S Digital Microwave, R220WM, MMBS14, MM08, MG2011, RHM2061B, MM08, BRSMB2016, MG2011, BRSMW2016, MM08, BRSMW2016, BRSMW2016 , MM08, MMBS14, MMBS14, RHM2061B, BRSMB2016, BRSMW2016, BRSMB2016, MM08, MM08, MMVS14, YC-MG02U-S,YCMG02US,YCMG01US, YCMG02US, YCMS01US,sh483,MM715C,MM1715S,MM1715R

Glass plate for microwaves 245mm
Part # RHMSMP245MM


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Roller Ring for 245MM Plate
Part # MX606BLA22


* Normal stock item * Please allow 5-7 days for delivery thank you